Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams - Air VentWhy does it take so much time to design a commercial air diffuser? While commercial air diffusers maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature, humidity level and air circulation, in the case of a home fashion retailer, these necessary elements also need to be visually appealing, or as much as possible, fade from view.

The Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ Natick location, a high-end home furnishings store for designers, combined branding elements, intentional design, and code requirements.  The team was challenged to meet requirements by designing a vent system that circulates comfortable air in this high ceilinged space while blending with the store’s aesthetic.

The solution required attention to detail and a close working relationship with the Mechanical Engineer.  We started with the overall store design: the Company’s corporate guidelines included niches framed by large-scale side jambs and overhead headers; often including a sofa, accessories and artwork, all accented by a painted wall.  We then determined the minimum venting requirements and scaled it up to align perfectly with the outer edges of the niche jambs. This included the precise spacing of the grilles so that the white fin is in perfect rhythm with the opening. The finished product is well-intended and high-functioning while preserving the familiar look and feel of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ in-store experience.

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