A Collaboration at the Front Line of Design

Architectural projects are achieved by teams of people collaborating on details; whether siting a house in its landscape, establishing a program of functionality, or working on material specification, it’s the architect who provides the front line of design and manages the countless details that follow. The primary and most important collaboration is between the architect as visionary and the client, eager to bring a project to life.

David Boronkay, Principal and founder of Slocum Hall Design Group, thrives on the art of successful teamwork. Slocum Hall is an architecture and design firm specializing in making homes beautiful and functional for modern living – providing an exceptional level of detail and oversight through the design and construction process. David leverages his background in high-end residential design against his incredibly talented staffs’ technical abilities. As a team, we provide a wide breadth of professional services; from the initial concept, to overseeing and managing the construction of your project, to selecting the perfect wainscot profile or paint color.

David takes pride in Slocum Hall’s portfolio of work, and partnering with you as you navigate the details of bringing your project to life.