David Boronkay Principal

For as long as I can remember I have been completely obsessed with houses.  As a kid, I would make my mom drive me around Scarsdale (my home town) to survey the progress of the new homes being built.  My parents were supportive of my obsession, taking me to estate sales and open-houses at homes I wanted to see up-close and supplying me with pads of paper and pencils to design my own masterpieces.  My bedroom desk and the kitchen table were forever covered in a layer of eraser shavings, much to the dismay of my fastidious mother.  The loose-leaf binder containing all the houses I designed in my youth still sits on the shelf above my office desk and serves as a reminder that I am truly living my dream.

My obsession with thoughtfully designed homes has continued into adulthood; I love the process of working with clients to realize their dreams.  An individual’s home is his or her most personal possession, and being trusted with the task of creating a unique space that speaks to his or her aesthetic and functional requirements is incredibly rewarding.  I feel very fortunate to have a profession I feel so passionately about.

You’ll notice as you peruse Slocum Hall’s portfolio that every project has its own unique style – that is our intention. Architecture and design is contextual, a house should fit the people, place and function it is serving.  So, we listen and interpret our clients’ goals, then custom-tailor their homes and additions to how they envision themselves living in their new space. Whether designing a new home or seamlessly integrating a new addition into the fabric of an older home, this is the philosophy on which Slocum Hall Design Group was founded, and one we continue to practice.

To learn more about our work, take a closer look at our portfolio of new construction, home additions and historic renovations, or call or email me directly.