3-d images3D Modeling is a tool used by Architects and Designers as a fast and affordable way to represent a project accurately. For homeowners, it provides true-to-life images of their design that, until that point, could only be imagined.

When a design professional works on your new home, renovation or addition, typically, Plans and Elevations are provided telling you how big it is, and where and how it sits on your site. They are 2-dimensional, single line drawings that show the metrics of your project and provide some idea of how it will look. 3D modeling shows clients a more complete visual story; it’s a polished and interactive visual representation of the final product. Any changes or alternate views can be made easily to the 3D image.

There are many 3D modeling tools available. We like Google Sketch-Up. In the hands of a design professional, it gives our clients the opportunity to imagine what life will be like in their new space.

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Communicating With Your ArchitectWhile many designers and architects can help realize the spatial and visual aspects of your dream home, renovation or addition, having skills in communication, including responsiveness, is key to a successful project. It is what makes the process run smoothly, provides peace of mind and leaves you with a positive memory of the experience – all because it is a project managed correctly.

Yes, communications do sometimes need to be managed. Clearly, at the outset of a project, establishing communication leads to effective decision making. The who, the when and the how become just as important as the what in the context of successful project management. Who should be the point of contact for all groups involved? There are often several additional stakeholders (ie. The home’s many occupants who should be copied on correspondence). How and when become important in regards to your schedule and the pace of the project. Time of day and frequency of communication can be more organic with the use of email, but perhaps you prefer to be contacted by phone or in person, this can all be managed easily once objectives and expectations are clearly stated from the beginning.

Having spent nearly 15 years in commercial Architecture with large-scale projects and corporate clients, I have learned the benefits of effective communication and its positive impact on successful projects. I bring to your project a broad knowledge and deep skill set that will add value to your project and to the process of designing your dream home.

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Dressing RoomsIn recent years, we have seen the generously sized walk-in-closet, which was the standard in many high-end residential master bedrooms, morph into an entirely new kind of space. A simple 8×10 foot room equipped with shelves and double-tiered rods was previously sufficient for a couples’ clothing storage needs; those times have changed.

The closet of the new millennia is not just intended for the storage of clothing, it is used for so much more. It is a space for women to entertain their guests while artfully displaying their couture gowns, shoes and bags. Spaces generous enough to be a bedroom are outfitted with custom specie hardwood cabinetry and decorated to reflect the style of its occupant.

As the glamorous lives of Hollywood starlets are documented and beamed into our living rooms; their elevated standards of living have become the envy of many women; those not just for your clothes and shoes any longer.

Several of our current projects feature elaborate dressing rooms that perform an array of different functions; while all provide ample storage for clothing, shoes and accessories; some embody unique features custom-tailored to their users. Whether it is a wet bar for cocktail service, a built in espresso machine, a hair blow-out station, an elevated platform with a three-way mirror for dress fittings or a sitting area to entertain guests while preparing for an event; these spaces have become a hub of social activity.

Depending on personal style, these spaces can serve as an art gallery to showcase vintage Chanel or a signed pair of Louboutin’s, or a tranquil Zen-like escape from the hectic life of the modern woman. Either way, the Dressing Room has become the woman’s answer to the man-cave, only the 70” LED television with surround sound and automated chairs has been replaced with Recamier lounges, custom wardrobes and couture.

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Gym[1]Many of us find it difficult to muster up the motivation to go to the gym before or after a busy day of working.  The weather’s too cold or too hot; there’s traffic; the gym’s too crowded. Whether these obstacles are real or imagined, there is a perfect solution: create a space in your house where you can work up a sweat without having to endure the elements or deal with the general population.  Showing up to the gym is so much easier when it’s only steps away.

In recent years, many of the new homes and additions we have designed for our clients include home gyms programmed into the scope.  These spaces range in size from a designated corner of a basement to a 600 square foot room, clad in mirror with every possible piece of equipment.

Planning for a home gym in the early phases of construction is key, as many pieces of equipment require significant in-wall blocking.  TRX systems, pull-up bars, ballet barres, along with other bodyweight apparatus need to be affixed to the structure of the building to provide the necessary stability.  Retrofitting an existing space to accommodate such items is possible, though addressing it while the studs are exposed is ideal.  Additionally, many pieces of equipment require above average ceiling heights.  It is important to make sure that you have ample head room for an elliptical machine or a treadmill – especially if you plan on incline running; these pieces can add well over a foot to your normal height.

Beyond the structural requirements, home gyms also demand a significant amount of electrical power.  It is important to know what pieces of automated equipment you are going to include so the proper loads can be worked into the electrical program.  Designing an equipment layout for your gym space is something that should be done in the planning phase as well.  Floor outlets can be placed adjacent to equipment so that power cords do not become a tripping hazard.

If you are interested in installing a home gym space, there are many factors that need to be considered. Be sure to hire an experienced architect.  Call or email us if you’d like more information.


Residential Elevator

A residential elevator, combining function and style.

Providing functional layouts for today’s lifestyles often includes planning for parties, special events, general home maintenance and aging in place. You may be wondering how all of these varied topics are connected in the context of home design. Residential elevators is the commonality. While dumbwaiters have been common for many generations, more and more often houses are being planned with an elevator.

The inclusion of a residential lift is easier than it seems. Required pit depth at the lowest level can be as shallow as just one foot and models are made specifically to be retrofitted into older homes. While a small machine room closet is needed at the lowest stop, this can be accommodated into an entry area. Planning guides are available on most manufacturer websites and manufacturer representatives are available, but the best way to know if your lifestyle and an elevator are a good match is to consult an Architect.

A residential lift looks nothing like its commercial relative. The door is a regular swinging door that opens to the cab and divided by the gate. Many finish options are available to match existing interiors or to coordinate with newly designed homes. Also many manufacturers’ offer blank cabs that can then be clad in panels; the options for these panels can be modern, traditional or transitional to meet your desired aesthetic.

Including a residential lift will assist you and your family with everyday tasks, contribute to easier party and event planning and allow you to remain in your home as you enjoy all of life has to offer. With proper planning, installing this modern living mechanism will add value and functionality to your home.

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