3-d images3D Modeling is a tool used by Architects and Designers as a fast and affordable way to represent a project accurately. For homeowners, it provides true-to-life images of their design that, until that point, could only be imagined.

When a design professional works on your new home, renovation or addition, typically, Plans and Elevations are provided telling you how big it is, and where and how it sits on your site. They are 2-dimensional, single line drawings that show the metrics of your project and provide some idea of how it will look. 3D modeling shows clients a more complete visual story; it’s a polished and interactive visual representation of the final product. Any changes or alternate views can be made easily to the 3D image.

There are many 3D modeling tools available. We like Google Sketch-Up. In the hands of a design professional, it gives our clients the opportunity to imagine what life will be like in their new space.

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Communicating With Your ArchitectWhile many designers and architects can help realize the spatial and visual aspects of your dream home, renovation or addition, having skills in communication, including responsiveness, is key to a successful project. It is what makes the process run smoothly, provides peace of mind and leaves you with a positive memory of the experience – all because it is a project managed correctly.

Yes, communications do sometimes need to be managed. Clearly, at the outset of a project, establishing communication leads to effective decision making. The who, the when and the how become just as important as the what in the context of successful project management. Who should be the point of contact for all groups involved? There are often several additional stakeholders (ie. The home’s many occupants who should be copied on correspondence). How and when become important in regards to your schedule and the pace of the project. Time of day and frequency of communication can be more organic with the use of email, but perhaps you prefer to be contacted by phone or in person, this can all be managed easily once objectives and expectations are clearly stated from the beginning.

Having spent nearly 15 years in commercial Architecture with large-scale projects and corporate clients, I have learned the benefits of effective communication and its positive impact on successful projects. I bring to your project a broad knowledge and deep skill set that will add value to your project and to the process of designing your dream home.

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Getting Personal With Your Design Team

Getting Personal With Your Design Team

Before any plans are drawn for your renovation, addition or a new-build,      sharing your dream starts the process. From that point it only gets more personal.  Helping you realize your vision means understanding some of the intimate details of how you live your life day to day, on special occasions, what’s important to you, and what is not. An architect will be in areas of your home not often shared with people outside your immediate family to take detailed measurements, pictures and other documentation.  This full understanding contributes to an architect’s ability to lay out a space or series of spaces for a successful outcome.

Before you communicate your vision for the perfect bath or describe your family’s habit for eating at the coffee table, it’s important to feel comfortable with your design team.  Trust is crucial when selecting and working with an architect.  You want to be confident that your privacy will be respected and your wishes honored.  The best design teams have thoughtfully considered all of your expectations and even your apprehensions of being in the private spaces of your home to make your vision a reality.

Knowing you and your family’s life, spending time to understand your design aesthetic, and working with you to create functional spaces, are all part of what we do at Slocum Hall.  Get to know us better. After all, designing your home is best when we get personal.