At the newest New England area Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams location in Burlington, MA, the team, including a corporate design Architect, worked to establish individual identity in a newly created retail and lifestyle center. The 3 rd Avenue retail and planned residences were designed by a third party team; our clients, having taken lease of a prominent location within the development, worked with the Landlord creating their signature brand including their unique façade materials and shapes, window expression, and floor plan. SHDG worked closely with the similar team as the Natick location on the unfinished retail shell. The permitting and approval for signage, maintaining a close relationship with the center landlord, coordinating the fit-up engineering, and facilitating communication with the corporate team were a few of this project’s complex tasks.

Commercial retail build-out along a high-profile shopping corridor. The Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Natick showroom exemplifies the kind of symbiotic relationship we enjoy with a corporate design Architect as we implement and facilitate the Company’s signature brand. This prominent location along route 9 West in Natick called for detailed attention to signage and
landscaping in addition to regular meetings with the General Contractor, project design engineers, the landscape Architect and local Owners for ongoing design and resolution of site-specific issues. At each decision point we worked to maintain the integrity of the brand while also meeting the project budget and schedule goals.

Conversion of raw loft space in an historic Lowell mill building into the new headquarters for a high tech firm. We worked with our clients to assess their program and budgetary needs while incorporating their desire to use sustainable and reclaimed materials in the design. Additionally, we designed our own version of modular systems furniture using bamboo-veneered plywood and corrugated Plexiglas.