Vector Smart Object Feasibility Studies
At Slocum Hall, we work with our clients to gather all the initial information and help establish the project’s goals, then review the data and create documents that can be priced and evaluated for feasibility. This includes schematic design documents and code regulatory review.
Vector Smart Object-1 Existing Conditions Building Survey and Drawing Generation
Before renovation, we provide a detailed survey of existing spaces including but not limited to dimensional information of each space; location of key features, windows and doors; and review of possible site characteristics. Once the information is collected, drawings are generated into our CADD (Computer Aided Drafting and Design) system from which feasibility and designs can progress.
Vector Smart Object-2 Design (Residential Projects)
Residential design combines our clients’ vision for the way they want to live in their home with the real-life limits of an existing structure or site, the timetable for completion and the budget available. It is our job to bring together these often disparate elements so that our design functions well, is aesthetically beautiful, and is realistic in terms of what can be accomplished.
Vector Smart Object-3 Design (Commercial Projects)
Commercial projects balance the need to meet a client’s business model, functional layout and regulatory requirements. Our work involves partnering with a well-engaged client on initial layouts and then layering in other obligations and conditions. We derive great satisfaction from designing and creating spaces where our clients will spend most of their work week.
Vector Smart Object-4 3-D renderings
We are proud to offer ongoing 3-d visualizations throughout the design process. This is valuable for any client who wants to better understand the proposed spaces and how they connect to one another, or how selected materials will look before installation.
Vector Smart Object-6 Project Management & Coordination
Having well established connections with Landscape Architects, Licensed Site Professionals, Structural Engineers for residential and additionally HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers for commercial projects allows us, with the owner’s timeline and project deadlines, to bring in the right people who will sustain a positive process. Our work at Slocum Hall relies on the information of others and we have a well-managed system of keeping consultants up-to-date and coordinating the information we receive from them into the design, so that our projects are completed on time and on budget.
Vector Smart Object-5 Project Pricing
Once a design has reached mutual approval, we gladly work with General Contractors to procure pricing. We have established relationships with several high-quality General Contractors and are happy add reputable companies to that list or work with an owner-preferred Contractor.
Vector Smart Object-7 Special Permit
Local municipalities each have their own bylaws and rules around special permitting of construction projects. We engage with the town providing the appropriate design and documentation so that any special permits can be issued. Should additional consultants be required, we are connected to several who can aid the process.
Vector Smart Object-8 Construction Review
We take a hands-on approach to every project, remaining involved to the extent requirements are mandated and the client desires. We specialize in creating a communicative environment by being onsite and available for regularly scheduled meetings, providing solutions to whatever problems may arise so that the final construction is consistent with the design’s original intent.