Bar Hopping

February 25, 2022

The residential architecture and design industry, by definition, has a fashion to it; trends that emerge because of aesthetic shifts or the need for homes to function in new ways. In the past few years, the change has been dramatic with both the need and desire for more livable outdoor space, a functional home office, and, what some consider most important, a home bar.  Whether for alcohol or coffee, home bars can take on most any style depending on client taste and lifestyle. Below is a round-up of our favorite bars we’ve completed. Cheers! 

The Entertainer’s Bar 

Gorgeous Kitchen Design By Slocum Hall Design Group

Equipped with everything you could ever want in a bar space, including optimal seating, this bar was part of our Sports Barn & Guest House project.  Designed to resemble a ski lodge and with entertaining in mind, this cozy bar is fully-stocked with a small fridge incorporated into the cabinetry, a sink, ample counter space, along with elements of dark oak and rich blue wainscoting.

The Wet Bar


A wet bar is perfect for those who want to incorporate their bar into their everyday living space. This stunning wet bar is part of a just completed renovation where we reconfigured and opened up the floor plan. This bar is now the perfect complement to this bright and airy room, full of natural light. 

The Tucked Away Bar 


Some like the concept of a bar, but don’t want it out in the open. This pantry bar is the perfect compromise. Fully stocked with all your bar needs, this separate space, off the main kitchen area, is a stylish alternative to the standard wet bar or entertaining bar. 

The Coffee Bar 


On a completely different note, some clients’ bar wishes are in the form of coffee! This Espresso bar is part of a project we completed in Newtonville, where coffee is our client’s hobby! Instead of a wet bar, this client opted for a place where he could hone his craft. This bar, along with the kitchen, is featured in the latest issue of Modern Luxury Interiors Boston. Check it out HERE!