Creating Spaces: Back to Virtual School

August 27, 2020

The arrival of September in Boston usually conjures images of brick buildings and school bells, and sometimes U-Haul trucks stuck under the many bridges on Storrow Drive. This back-to-school season brings a vocal debate over how kids will return to the classroom. Will there be in-person classes? Will towns embrace remote learning? While many schools are opening back up in the safest way possible, thanks to the tremendous work of teachers and communities, some families and administrators have opted for at-home virtual learning or a hybrid approach.

So, what does that mean for your home if your children need a designated learning environment? No longer just a place for homework and after-school get-togethers, you’ll need a space where it’s possible to focus, and to learn. Home classrooms are no longer a luxury; they are a necessity.

To help inspire you, here are some of our favorite workspaces we’ve created.

Create a space that inspires learning.

This home workroom is a perfect classroom replacement for the kids, with enough desk space for everyone! This design was part of a project we did with Meredith Heron and KVC Builders.

home classroom for kids

Create a space that’s cozy and comfortable.

A designated home office is ideal for focusing on work. This space, which was part of a project we did with Concept Building, allows you to cozy up by the fireplace, or set up at the desk.

designated home office

Create a space that’s light and airy.

Do the kids have competing Zoom classes? This spacious home workspace has desks set up on either side of the room for when you want everyone together but not on top of each other.

spacious home workspace

Almost any room can be converted into a functional school-at-home environment by combining good lighting, access to appropriate connectivity and technology, and suitable storage. Add a bit of imagination and your own personal style and you’ll have created an inviting space perfect for this fall’s distance learning,

For more work and learn from home ideas, contact our interior design department.