Follow the Build: Newton Renovation & Addition

December 9, 2022

In collaboration with Hampden Design + Construction, we are excited to share our new project in Newton! Situated on a unique lot, this home is undergoing extensive renovation and addition.

Video 1

In our first video David Boroknay and David Cohen, of Hampden Design + Construction, walk us through the plans and unique features of this property.

Video 2

In this second video, we’re once again partnering with Hampden Design + Construction, bringing you updates from our Newton Renovation and Addition project! We share more about the family that plans to live in this wonderful historic home and provide the latest details on framing, plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems. Stay tuned for more!

Video 3

We are back at our Newton project with Hampden Design + Construction! Our team has made considerable progress! A challenge we often encounter during the construction of an addition is how to seamlessly blend the original part of the house with the new part. We strive to maintain the house’s unique personality and ensure the addition does not feel out of place. Our team discusses how they approached this challenge and walks us through how they carefully selected finishes that match the homeowner’s style.

Video 4

We are back at our Newton project with Hampden Design+Construction for some exciting updates. As we near completion of this project, you won’t believe the progress we have made. Follow along as David Boronkay and David Cohen walk us through the home and all the updates!