What Inspires Me – Guest Blogger: Alyssa Haggerty, Senior Associate Interior Designer

September 29, 2023

What inspires me most? It is when a client really wants a personalized space, one unique to the way they want to live in their home. One recent example is a large basement we remodeled to include a craft room and media room, each tailored to fit both the clients’ needs and their whimsical tastes. Here are some of the highlights:

Craft Room:

When one person in a family loves to sew, and the other prefers to tinker with electronics, how do we design a room where they can each enjoy their hobbies? Every detail was carefully considered for the most efficient use of the space so their materials and tools are easily accessed. We planned shallow drawers in the desk area and designed a custom rolling cart, including cutting a groove in the counter, drawers on either side for scissors and other notions, and a larger open shelf below for fabric bins. Instead of standard counter height, the workspaces were custom-made at a height specific to each user. The large storage cabinet features closed storage above rows of easy-access open shelves, as well as a deeper cabinet with rollouts. Everything can be put away so the space is clean and inviting.

Media Room:

As we considered how to solve the venting requirement for the media components flanking the TV, we looked to our clients for cut-out pattern inspiration. They suggested a Pacman and ghost, with the venting holes as pellets that Pacman eats. We love this playful idea, resulting in a fun 1980s arcade-inspired conversation piece. 

From early schematics, we had in mind to design a screen between the media room and the foyer of the basement to help define the spaces. Knowing that our clients’ cats were a big part of their family, the screen evolved into our very first cat wall. We focused on how the cats would move about the space, what product would work well with claws, and what shape would give the shelves some interest when not occupied by feline inhabitants. After a few mockups, my coworker Leana designed these beautiful organically shaped shelves that are loved by our clients…and their cats.

I find projects like this, when we can infuse our clients’ unique personalities into the design of their home, very rewarding and most inspiring.