Spaces to Make You Swoon – Home Spas, Lodges, and Closets 

August 29, 2023

Every once in a while, you walk into a room for the first time and are immediately swept off your feet. You can’t help but place yourself in that setting, imagining what it would be like to prepare a meal in the gourmet kitchen, relax in the indoor home spa, or enjoy cocktails in a room designed for entertaining. Even a well-appointed dressing room conjures dreams of endless organized closet space! Whether you are dreaming of an elevated place to relax, party with guests, or enjoy some alone time, some of our favorite spaces are the ones that cause our clients to say ‘wow’ when they first enter the room.

Home Spa

Interior Of Residence on Ash

This award-winning family-friendly entertaining and home spa area accommodates an in-ground oversized hot tub and takes advantage of the property’s breathtaking views. A perfect marriage of the indoors and outdoors, it feels like an escape from the rest of the home (the outside world, really), yet the room beautifully integrates with the overall design aesthetic. It is entirely swoon-worthy and a space that you’ll never want to leave.

Lodge Room 

This cozy yet spacious “Lodge Room” design pays homage to one of our client’s favorite Vermont hotels. The result is an inviting structure with exposed wood, an exquisite stone fireplace, plenty of seating, and a custom bar for entertaining. It’s the envy of anyone who enjoys entertaining large groups.

The Ultimate Closet 


This luxury closet will make any clothing fan giddy with joy. Reminiscent of an opulent high-end store, the breathtaking space has incredible lighting, ample space for clothing and accessories, and full-length mirrors throughout. A large island in the center is perfect for showing off handbags and jewelry or just laying out your daily wear. This space is much more than a closet; it’s a full dressing room.