Luxury Defined – A Panel Discussion from Boston Design Week

May 24, 2023

What is luxury? It’s a term often associated with comfort and elegance, but how you define it is as unique as you are. This is especially true when it comes to designing and building your home. This month, as part of Boston Design Week, David spoke about luxury design alongside industry experts, Sarah Lawson of S+H Construction and Amy Mizner of Mizner + Montero. The event was moderated by Eric Haydel of M-Geough at the M-Geough showroom in the Boston Design Center. Covering everything from interiors to building to location, this panel unpacked the many characteristics of luxury and how it looks from each trade perspective.

So, how do we at SHDG define luxury? It comes down to understanding what each homeowner values most. For some, it may be a home with plenty of space for entertaining, but requires little maintenance or outdoor upkeep. For others, it may be an outsized kitchen with the very latest in custom-built storage. Still, for others, it’s an elegantly appointed smart home with an abundance of natural light. Regardless of what luxury means to you, a common thread we see across the board is flexibility, quality, and peace of mind: the flexibility to make necessary decisions while having the ability to choose quality products and trade professionals, all with the peace of mind that the end result is exactly what you hoped for.

When we start any new project with a client, one of our first steps is understanding how they define luxury, the large and small details the homeowner wants to see in their new space. We help them navigate the process and suggest the best ways to design their spaces to achieve their desired outcome. 

When we began designing this new construction home in Weston, our client had a vision of large, inviting spaces for family gatherings and ten-foot ceilings throughout. The result is an open floor plan on the main floor, complete with retractable sliding doors that bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor living, making this the ideal space for gatherings.

Photo of Interior Kitchen Design in Weston, MA

Renovating this Residence in Waban, the now empty-nesters wanted a house to accommodate their needs as they age. The interior was gutted, and the floor plan reconfigured, creating a large, modern kitchen for entertaining and a multi-room owner’s suite. A new elevator was added, as was an attached garage allowing our clients to remain in their home indefinitely without concern for the challenges of walking up and down stairs as they aged.

luxury defined
luxury defined

How do you define luxury? Tell us what luxury means to you, and we’ll design your home with flexibility, quality, and peace of mind, a reflection of the way you want to live. That’s what luxury is all about.