Reading Nooks – Fun, Cozy, and Architecturally Underrated 

June 26, 2024

The reading nook is a wonderful little creation that takes odd spaces and creates something useful and comforting. By definition, the reading nook should be a space that radiates a sense of calm. Bright and welcoming – without taking up much space. 

Recently, we’ve worked on several projects featuring reading nooks. Here are some of our favorites:

This cozy little nook in a Brookline library boasts floor-to-ceiling bookcases, providing a bright and architecturally beautiful corner retreat. Even though the entire room is designed for the avid reader, this nook has us feeling like we want to curl up with a good book and enjoy the outside views.

This daybed reading nook fits perfectly in this attic renovation and offers a comfortable place to unwind. The nooks inherent to an attic space allowed us to create custom vignettes of usable space. This space, in particular, was perfect for a daybed with under-storage and a book cubby. The reading lights on either side provide the ambiance needed to sit with a good book for hours. 

This cozy nook serves many purposes. Located in our Wellesley lodge room and Sports Barn project, where our clients enjoy multiple recreational activities, this corner is a retreat for some quiet time. The built-in bookshelves set into the stone fireplace serve as a place to display decorative objects as well as their favorite books.

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