Residential Elevators ~ An Upward Trend

April 3, 2014

Providing functional layouts for today’s lifestyles often includes planning for parties, special events, general home maintenance and aging in place. You may be wondering how all of these varied topics are connected in the context of home design. Residential elevators is the commonality. While dumbwaiters have been common for many generations, more and more often houses are being planned with an elevator.

The inclusion of a residential lift is easier than it seems. Required pit depth at the lowest level can be as shallow as just one foot and models are made specifically to be retrofitted into older homes. While a small machine room closet is needed at the lowest stop, this can be accommodated into an entry area. Planning guides are available on most manufacturer websites and manufacturer representatives are available, but the best way to know if your lifestyle and an elevator are a good match is to consult an Architect.

A residential lift looks nothing like its commercial relative. The door is a regular swinging door that opens to the cab and divided by the gate. Many finish options are available to match existing interiors or to coordinate with newly designed homes. Also many manufacturers’ offer blank cabs that can then be clad in panels; the options for these panels can be modern, traditional or transitional to meet your desired aesthetic.

Including a residential lift will assist you and your family with everyday tasks, contribute to easier party and event planning and allow you to remain in your home as you enjoy all of life has to offer. With proper planning, installing this modern living mechanism will add value and functionality to your home.

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