Home Addition Design

Unique Additions To Fit Your Changing Lifestyle.

Exterior shot of Residence on Bellevue

Home Additions are the right design choice when you love almost everything about your home, but have simply run out of space.  At Slocum Hall Design Group, we design custom home additions to suit the way you want to live. 

We start by understanding what it is you love about your current home, what no longer works for you and what you envision. Your unique style, preferred aesthetic, and specific lifestyle are a part of every home addition we design.  Then we deliver a solution that is practical yet beautiful, creating expanding your home to suit the way you want to live in it. 

Specializing in seamless and sympathetic additions, we take your existing home to the next level allowing you more space to create, live, and grow. Our many awards for our sympathetic additions support this mantra, and we look forward to discussing your home addition design ideas with you. Get in touch with us today and let’s get started.