Home Renovation Design Services

Refining Your Home To What It Should Be

Residential Architecture - interior design photo of staircase

We complete home renovation designs of all shapes, sizes, and styles at Slocum Hall Design Group. When clients come to us with home renovation ideas, our feedback directly depends on the style of the home. We work through the client’s desired results for the finished product, and we decide on a plan of action and implementation.

Our talented team of home renovation designers then guides clients through each phase of renovation: asking the right questions, planning a project, and every aspect of implementation. SHDG is well experienced with the desire for a fresh new look, more space, and a modern interior from New England homeowners. 

As we often say, home renovation designs by Slocum Hall are meant to blur the lines of history. While you may aspire for a modern or contemporary appeal in the home, you can still stay true to the history and original architecture of your structures when making updates that match your current lifestyle. 

We design home renovations with ease and functionality in mind. If you have questions about your home renovation project, contact Slocum Hall Design Group today.