Back to Black – The Color That Never Goes Out of Style

March 24, 2021

The color black never goes out of style. It’s versatile, it’s classic, it’s classy, and it can make any space POP. There are so many ways to include the color black into your home design. Here are some of our favorites, from little touches to big and bold statements.

Not Just For the Walls

Instead of an accent wall, have you considered an accent ceiling? Black is the perfect color to paint a ceiling to add that dramatic touch, without it being over the top.

Gorgeous Family Room in Renovation Neo Classical

All Black Everything (With a touch of White)

If you’re looking for that WOW factor, considering flipping the script and designing a room predominantly in black with a few accents in white. The light accent color provides a great visual without taking away from the black, which really steals the show. The results are nothing short of glamorous.

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Photo of a Mudroom with strong black accents

The Perfect Accent

Adding an accent wall in a different color, whether it’s a row of cabinets or floor-to-ceiling tile, gives a space a whole new look. Black is the perfect color use, as it compliments almost any color, giving the room a dramatic contrasting look without trying too hard.

Double Sink Designed Bathroom in Newton, MA img

It’s All In The Fixtures

If you are thinking of incorporating black into your design style, but aren’t convinced you want black cabinets or ceilings, try adding black fixtures to your space! Hardware, plumbing fixtures, decorative lighting, and mirrors,– any of these items in a black finish can take a space to a new level. It is also a great solution if you’re simply looking to spruce up an existing space without doing any major work.

Black as an accent, black as a bold statement; there are endless ways to incorporate everyone’s favorite color adding depth and character to any room in your home.