Creating Your Own Sanctuary

April 8, 2020

We’re all starting to come to terms with the fact that we’re home, many of us hunkered down for weeks. In January, we were leading busy, hectic, and fast-paced lives, which overnight became something quite different. So, when you can’t go anywhere, how do you escape without leaving your home?

 Determine a Set Workspace and Set Relaxation Space

A designated workspace provides structure and a setting conducive to focus and productivity. Then, at the end of the workday, you can remove yourself completely to a more relaxing environment where you can decompress properly. Make sure that your relaxation spaces remain just that, your sanity will thank you.

Create a Different “Sanctuary” for Each Member of the Household 

Most of us have come to realize how important it is to balance a day of “togetherness” with time spent alone. Think about creating individual spaces for each person, a room to call one’s own. Your bedroom may feel like the obvious choice, but if you share a bedroom, you’ll need something more. A sunroom or even a garage can be reimagined as a sanctuary. If your home is small, designate one room in which each family member can take over for a specific time each day.

Switch Up your Hang Out Locations

Typically a place to gather, by now, we are all tired of our family rooms. Utilize the underutilized spaces in your home by switching up your routine and activities. Puzzle in the dining room, play games in the basement, do crafts in an empty bedroom – mix it up, and take advantage of every room you have available. Your home will expand geometrically – and who couldn’t use a little more space right now?

While we battle this virus, living well in the spaces we have is an essential part of our physical and emotional wellbeing. We get it! The team at SHDG is working from home to minimize exposure.

Thankfully, we are all well. We hope the same is true for each of you. Stay safe!