Reinventing The Prairie Style

Reinventing the Prairie Style: A Video Series

April 1, 2020

Slocum Hall Design, in partnership with Boston Design Guide, is pleased to present the “Reinventing the Prairie Style” video series.

Get a behind the scenes look as we build and design this Modern Prairie Style home from the ground up, along with Concept Building and Briar Design.

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Episode 1: Modern Trailblazers

When we began working on this project last year, we knew from the outset that it was going to be extraordinary, both in terms of the home’s unique design and the open collaboration between the homeowners, the designers and the construction team. Working closely from the very start of concept development meant that, inside and out, the homeowners’ vision for a modern Prairie Style home would be executed seamlessly.

The Prairie Style, most commonly associated with Frank Lloyd-Wright, is rooted in nature, carefully siting the home within its native terrain so that a harmonious balance between land and structure is created. Strong horizontal lines, low pitched roofs and tall windows are typical, as is an open floor plan that incorporates plenty of natural light, elements and materials. The focus of the design is to bring the outdoors in.

To reinvent the Prairie Style, our objective is to use these features, but update them with modern elements, like the sculptural entry module and the large volumes of sunlit space – not typically seen in Prairie Style design.  Look for future episodes to see how our vision unfolds.

Episode 2: From The Ground Up 

As the framing of the house goes up, we can see the project start to come together. During framing, the team assesses the layout of the home to decide if any changes are necessary. An opportunity to move the theater underneath the garage presented itself, which, as a result, caused us to have to re-work the basement floor plan. Finding creative solutions to last-minute changes is what makes this Modern Prairie project an exciting challenge.

Episode 3: Following the Build

Progress has been tremendous on this incredible Modern Prairie project. Framing is complete, and the plumbing, HVAC and electrical is in full swing. In this video, we get a sneak peek at the indoor spa room, along with the final interior design selections, including new white oak finishes, furniture selection and color palettes.