Architectural Insights for the New Decade

January 24, 2020

From mid-century modern to new millennium neutrals to rustic industrial, the start of each decade brings a flood of the latest in architecture and design trends to various media outlets and across social media. There is, after all, a fashion to our business and what’s “in” and what’s “out” drives many of the decisions we make. While some trends may be fleeting and others recurring (think neon), there’s no denying that those influenced by modern-day life and environmental shifts do lead the industry in new directions and can define not just a year, but a decade.

As we enter the 2020’s, we’re sharing a few predictions of our own for the next ten years, those that are starting to take shape, and we believe with continue for years to come.

In with the Old

In With the Old Architecture Design

Gen Xers and Millennials have embraced reusing and recycling in ways like never before, so why not buildings, too? Older buildings have charm and aesthetics that can’t be replicated in new construction, so repurposed apartments, townhouses and workspaces have had an expanding appeal.

Living in Boston, surrounded by historic architecture, we likely will see this trend develop before any other city. Here, we have a deep appreciation for the character of these old buildings and the beautiful spaces that can be created within them. Take a look at our Residence on Bellevue project for examples of upcycled architecture.

Immersive Design

These past ten years have seen the emergence of ‘Smart Home’ technology that can do everything from turn the lights on to pre-heat the oven while you’re on your way home. Both younger families with busy lifestyles and older homeowners wishing to age in place find smart home technology provides convenience, security and efficiency.  As this technology advances, smart home features will become less of a luxury and more of the standard for modern living.

However, technology, as it pertains to home design, is still in its infancy. Computer-aided design (CAD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) have been around for many years. Still, newer technology such as virtual reality is completely changing the way architects are able to translate their work to clients.

Imagine being able to stand in your current home, put on a headset, look around and see a brand new design come to life. This 3-D, interactive technology is suitable as a creative design tool for architects and maximizes the client’s experience of the new space. The goals and detailed execution of a project can be more clearly defined, and outcomes more closely match expectations.

Say ‘Bye’ to Beige

Architectural Insights for the New Decade

Say ‘goodbye’ to bland, boring, beige. Homeowners are embracing color like never before. We have always believed that your home should be a reflection of your personal style, and nothing expresses that better than color. There are thousands of options on the market for elegant paint colors, furnishings and finishes from light and airy pastels to bold and distinctive jewel tones. Imagine your kitchen cabinets in deep blue, a dining room with a pop of orange or your bathroom in soft sea green. The possibilities are endless.

Aging in Grace

Now the second-largest generation in America, the 2020s will see the majority of Baby Boomers passing the 65 and older threshold. They are defining what it means to age-in-place with grace and independence. Redesigning and renovating a home can often accomplish both.

We mentioned the impact of smart home technology, and there is no doubt that as it improves, there will be more features that emphasize ease of living and safety. Of increasing importance in the next decade will also be design and renovations trending toward wider doorways or sliding doors; stairless entryways, single floor living and elevators; larger bathrooms and laundry spaces; and innovative lighting.

While no one can predict the future, our booming housing market and an ever-changing landscape of technological advancement means great things are coming for architecture and design in the 2020s. We look forward to being a part of it!

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