Details of a Modern Prairie-Style Home

February 14, 2023

The Prairie style of architecture, made famous by Frank Lloyd Wright, is characterized by low, horizontal lines with an exaggerated hip roof that seamlessly integrates into the natural landscape. This design has undergone a modern resurgence in recent years, making it an increasingly sought-after choice among New England homeowners, particularly in the Greater Boston area. 

Modern Prairie’s Core Design Features 

Low, sweeping, exaggerated rooflines are one of the most defining features of a Modern Prairie-style home. This allows for a sleek and understated modern appearance and helps to integrate the house into the surrounding landscape. Another distinguishing quality of the Modern Prairie style is the use of large windows, often in horizontal bands, which help to bring the outdoors in and provide plenty of natural light.

In the Modern Prairie design, unaltered natural materials, such as exposed wood and stone, contribute to a sense of harmony between the home and the environment while also making the space feel warm and inviting – the goal is to become a part of the surrounding environment, not stand above it. 

Modern Prairie-Style Home

Why Is Prairie-Style Architecture Perfect for the New England Landscape?

New England possesses four-season natural beauty, whether lush green, autumn-colored or snow-white landscapes. The popularity of Prairie-style architecture in New England is largely due to its ability to blend in with the lush, natural surroundings found here. When constructed in the appropriate environment, its low-lying, horizontal lines add a sense of grander space and an innate connection to nature. 

The Modern Prairie-Style Home

With its clean, minimalist lines and nature-inspired beauty, it’s not hard to see why the Modern Prairie-style design is drawing the attention of homeowners and onlookers in the Greater Boston area.

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