Is Farmhouse-Style Architecture Here to Stay in Boston?

February 26, 2023

Throughout the Boston area, farmhouse-style architecture has had an increasingly noticeable presence. It’s popular not just within the home design community, but we see it in interior design, art, furniture, and consumer goods as well.  There’s been an ‘awakening” to the charm of the style, and with updated details added, more and more people have adopted it in their design choices. 

What is Traditional Farmhouse-Style Architecture?

Farmhouse-style architecture is rooted in the picturesque countryside of 18th and 19th-century America. The style is distinguished by its simplicity, functionality, and heavy reliance on materials like natural wood and stone. Traditional elements such as gabled roofs and dormer windows are frequently found in farmhouse-style architecture, adding to its rustic, classic Americana charm. 

With the farmhouse style, the design motifs have an elegant simplicity. Naturally exposed materials complement the “Old Yankee” New England aesthetic, giving it a sense of familiarity and comfort. While the inspiration for farmhouse design may have come from the west/midwestern states, it’s been adopted across the entire country. 

Modern farmhouse architecture/farmhouse-style architecture

The Evolution of Farmhouse-Style

Once considered a timeless classic, farmhouse-style architecture has taken on a modern, reinvigorated update. This new iteration, known as “modern farmhouse architecture,” blends traditional design with current trends and updated conveniences. Less rustic and more contemporary than its traditional cousin, modern farmhouse-style architecture boasts large windows, along with open floor plans, expansive kitchens, and neutral/minimalist color schemes to create a seamless blend of old and new. The design can seamlessly integrate into urban and rural settings, making it a versatile choice for city dwellers and suburbanites.

The beauty of this design style lies in a simpler aesthetic; a warm and open space that embraces a sense of home. With design trends, especially in the commercial sector, opting for a minimalist and industrial look, it makes sense that many of us are opting for a more welcoming and comfortable design scheme at home. 

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