A Luxury Space for Your Guests

January 23, 2023

When building or renovating a home, you may be likely to focus on a dream kitchen or a luxury master suite, but it’s just as essential to consider where your guests will stay when they come to visit. In most homes, guests stay in a bedroom with basic amenities, sharing the rest of the living space with their hosts. However, in some cases, our clients have designed beautiful retreats where their guests feel like they’ve checked into a luxury resort. Still, there is one caveat; your guests will be so comfortable that you might have difficulty getting them to leave! This month we explore some of our favorite guest house designs. 

Wellesley Sports Barn & Guesthouse

This guesthouse was part of a renovation in which an entirely new structure was added to the property. The exterior followed the aesthetic of the main house; however, the design of the interior is unique, reflecting a warm and inviting feeling, layered with a lot of furniture, color, and texture. This guesthouse design is a perfect place for friends and family to stay, whether short or long-term.

Wellesley, MA Architectural Design Photo

Photo of bedroom interior design in Wellesley, MA

Residence on Bellevue

This guesthouse was designed to sit above a newly added three-car garage. The space was built and connected to the original historic home, replacing a previous carriage house. While the exterior was matched using heavily rusticated stone and castings of the existing balusters, the interior provides guests with a spacious and modern design. This guesthouse is perfect when you want company close to the main house while still having a space to call their own

New Addition to gorgeous antique home

Cottage on Westfield

This small cottage, which sits on the grounds of a prominent Dedham estate, was transformed into the ultimate two-bedroom, two-bathroom guest getaway. The cozy guesthouse is perfect for friends or family who want to visit yet need their own space, as it is completely removed from the main house.