Ringing in the New Year – Our Favorite Spaces to Celebrate

December 30, 2022

New Year’s Eve, a wonderful time to get together with friends, enjoy some cocktails, and watch the ball drop on TV. Whether you’re hosting a crowd or an intimate dinner for friends, there’s nothing quite like New Year’s Eve at home, especially when you have just the right space for entertaining! Last month we highlighted formal dining rooms, the perfect place to enjoy a meal together. This month we explore some of our favorite entertaining spaces where you can let loose and party until midnight!

Modern Prairie in Weston

The ultimate space for entertaining in this modern prairie-style home, this basement was designed as part of the Informal living area on the lower level. It is equipped with everything needed to throw an amazing party. A custom, zinc-countered bar sits on one side, opposite a TV area with ample seating throughout, creating plenty of room for guests to have a place to sit and rest their drinks. The oversized windows and doors lead to the award-winning spa room, where guests can enjoy the breathtaking property views beyond.

Wellesley Sports Barn & Guest House

Want to throw a bash but don’t want to wake the kids? This sports barn and Guest Cottage in Wellesley comes complete with a rustic lodge-style room that pays homage to one of our client’s favorite Vermont hotels. This cozy and inviting space features exposed wood beams and an exquisite stone fireplace. What really completes the space is plenty of seating, a pool table, multiple TVs, and an oversized custom bar, big enough to host a large crowd.  

Shout Out to Our Favorite Wet Bars

In some cases, an entire bar or entertaining room is not something that a home can accommodate. The wet bar is one of our favorite solutions for incorporating an entertaining feature into your everyday space.  On the left, at our recent Waban project, this wet bar is built into the butler’s pantry – hidden from plain sight but still accessible and functional. On the right, this stunning wet bar from our West Newton renovation was the result of a reconfigured floor plan. This bar is now the perfect complement to this bright and airy room, full of natural light.