Future Proof

October 26, 2020

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time.

Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed dramatic changes in weather patterns and the devastating effect on communities across the globe. Its impact on the building and design industry, especially in coastal cities like Boston, is profound.

On October 8th, Slocum Hall Design Group was part of a Boston Design Week panel discussion along with their peers, Troy Sober of Gregory Lombardi Landscape Design; Sarah Lawson of S+H Construction; Ashley Jacobson of System 7; and moderator, Nancy Berry of RMS Media, where the conversation focused on how design and building professions are approaching their projects by focusing on the resilience to extreme weather conditions and designing with energy-efficient materials.

Every aspect of designing a more sustainable and resilient home were discussed from the greatest challenges facing the industry to the most current technologies to ideas for creating a more sustainable landscape design.

Check out the important conversation in the video below.

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