Walls Vs. Open Floor Plans

September 23, 2020

The quiet coziness of clearly defined rooms or the bright and airy feel of an open floor plan? This age-old debate remains a hot topic of conversation right now. While there are pros and cons to each, what works for you and your home depends on the way your family, your lifestyle and the way you want to live in your home.

Open Floor Plans

Open Floor Plans

Open Floor Plan Example

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The benefit of having an open floor plan is ease of movement – for families with small children, it’s especially appealing to have an open line of sight to keep an eye on the kids.  The open concept allows for a brighter and more airy home, and lets you define your own spaces to cater to your needs, rather than designing within the specific square footage of boxed-in rooms.



(To view more from this project click HERE)

Clearly designated spaces defined by walls creates a more structured environment. Each room has a specific purpose and tends to feel warmer and cozier than an open floor plan with less noise traveling from room to room.  These designated areas give you flexibility to explore a wider array of design styles and colors, rather than catering to one overall design aesthetic.

So what is the layout for you? Now that home is quite literally everything; our clients are beginning to more clearly define what they need open and where there should be walls. Many of our recent projects have done away with formal living rooms, instead opting for a library, den, or now, workspaces for themselves and their kids. However, most of our clients still want a strong relationship between their kitchen and family gathering area, maintaining a formal dining space for holidays or special occasions.

One common thread is a dramatic entry foyer, typically double height, allowing a visual connection between the primary and second floors. In many cases, these entry foyers open directly into the large family gathering space, or Great Room – with the more formal areas accessed through a large pocket or French doors. It’s the perfect blend of having an open concept while keeping some key spaces separated by walls.

Still on the fence? Contact us at Slocum Hall. We’ll talk through your lifestyle, your future plans and the way you imagine living in your home, then create a unique design that is just right for you and for your family.