Windows of Opportunity 

October 30, 2023

Windows, with their relatively simple design of frame and glass, are having their moment.  No longer just a necessity, they can transform even the most ordinary of rooms into something extraordinary. 

Windows make the smallest of spaces feel large, adding stunning decorative beauty while, at the same time, providing practical protection from cold air in the winter and warm air in the summer. Over and over, clients are asking for more windows; they want the natural light to flood their spaces and to take full advantage of the views of their surrounding landscape. 

This month, we highlight a few of our favorite spaces amplified by their window design. 

Modern Prairie

Interior Of Residence on Ash

An abundance of natural light makes this room the ultimate living space in this Modern Prairie-style home. The design incorporates a steel-framed wall, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows operating on a smart system. The result is a glass-filled portal providing stunning views of the property beyond.

Residence on Longfellow

This dining space, off the kitchen, has the feel of a three-season sunroom, even though it’s entirely indoors. The room’s stunning design features a white oak paneled ceiling and oversized window frames engulfing the three exterior walls. To complete the space, a light fixture reminiscent of a cloud.

Residence on Highland

A stunning kitchen with a completely open floor plan,  this dramatic space anchors the back end of the home. Standout triangle-shaped windows that sit above the bank of standard windows provide a design WOW moment, as the eye naturally gravitates towards this unique detail. Even with plenty of windows in this space, the addition of this unique shape fully showcases the property’s landscape.