Kitchens: So many styles, so many colors, so many options.

July 27, 2021

The kitchen is the heart-center of any home, the space for everyday living whether gathering for family meals, completing homework at the table, or serving up memorable moments for relatives and friends. As the most utilized room in a home, the kitchen is the perfect place to showcase your personal taste. But building or renovating a new kitchen can be an overwhelming task to those trying to navigate the many options for color, cabinetry, appliances, lighting, and hardware. Our advice is to start with a design “style.” It is an excellent way to get the process going. Below, we break down a few of our favorite looks: The Transitional, The Modern, The Sleek, The Bold, and The Rustic.

Wide View of Beautiful Kitchen

The Transitional

Transitional kitchens combine elements of modern and traditional design; they are crisp, clean, and usually showcase a very neutral color palette, allowing you to express your design style with accents and hardware. Above, you can see a Modern Farmhouse kitchen with clean white shaker-style cabinets, paired with a natural wood accent, black hardware and light fixtures, and white quartz countertops with bold veining.


The Modern

A simple modern kitchen combines form and function with clean lines and simple, slab-front cabinetry. The above modern kitchen reflects this look with Gray sleek cabinetry, white quartz counters and backsplash.


The Sleek

The pairing of black kitchen cabinets with white countertops creates a super sleek and contemporary kitchen look. Above, you can see this dramatic kitchen space with a black, white, and gray color palette, tied in with joyful pops of orange. Sleek, modern, urban, and sophisticated.

Wellesley, MA Architectural Design Photo

The Bold

We are well past the stage where homeowners are afraid of bold choices when it comes to cabinets. This cottage-style kitchen uses gorgeous green cabinets as their wow factor, keeping the backsplash and countertops clean and simple. Are you green with envy? 


The Rustic

Mixed wood tones, slate countertops, and a space that is reminiscent of the outdoors. The rustic kitchen design is not what it used to be. This design is durable, made to be used, and made to last. The above kitchen space incorporates durable materials along with a beautiful stone accent wall, perfect for large gatherings.